Pre-WOC2025 Middle distance and Relay League on August 26-27, 2023: Elite Orienteers Ready to Challenge Each Other

The Pre-WOC2025 Middle distance race and Relay League will be held in Rytökylä, Vehmersalmi in August. By then, the Swiss World Championships event will have taken place and the elite orienteers will begin their preparation for the Kuopio World Championships terrain. Despite a crowded competition calendar, many of our country’s top orienteers are expected to participate in the event, and despite that, foreign elite orienteers have also expressed their desire to participate in the competitions and the preceding open training camp.

The highly popular Relay League offers a great opportunity for the Finland´s top club teams in the country to test the orienteers for the National Relay Championships, which will be held just 2 weeks after the Kuopio Relay League. Mixed teams can compete in the relay outside of the official competition. On Saturday, there are categories available for all age groups, and on Sunday, there is an opportunity for recreational orienteering in the same terrain as Jukola 2014. More information is available in the WRE (World Ranking Event) and Relay League Bulletin 1.

World-class orienteering experience is ensured by the mapmakers and course setters for the World Championships, who have done uncompromising work to ensure that the courses are challenging and fair for all participants. In addition to the orienteers, thanks are also due to the landowners who have opened their areas for the event and made the orienteering experience possible.

WOC Bulletin 1 will be published 7.7.2023

The arrangements have been running smoothly. The event is of great significance to both the organizers and the orienteers, as it provides valuable experience and an opportunity to measure one’s skills in a world-class competition. The event has attracted volunteers beyond the boundaries of clubs, which demonstrates the immense popularity of orienteering. Enthusiastic volunteers want to ensure that everything goes as planned and that the orienteers can fully focus on their performances.

As the organizers of WOC2025, we wish all national teams success in the Swiss World Championships and we will do our best to ensure the best possible preparation for the 2025 World Championships.

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