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During the WOC2025 week, there will be a series of spectator races. The spectator races are part of the Finnish orienteering event called Fin5.

Fin5 Orienteering Week is one of the most popular orienteering events in Finland. It has been organized since 1984. Every year Fin5 gathers thousands of orienteers to enjoy their enthusiasm. The name Fin5 stands for the number of races and all the five races count to the final result. The winners of the orienteering week can therefore clearly demonstrate that they have mastered the terrain and the orienteering challenges set by the course setters. 

Spectator races will give a good overview of what the elite orienteers face in WOC races. The timetable will allow you to enjoy orienteering in spectator races as well as follow WOC races.  

Join us for an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Finland’s breathtaking landscapes! The Fin5 Orienteering Week is an exciting event that combines the thrill of orienteering with the beauty of Finland’s pristine forests and picturesque terrains.

Nature’s Playground: Finland boasts a rich tapestry of forests, lakes, and rolling hills, providing the perfect backdrop for orienteering enthusiasts. Challenge yourself to navigate through the diverse terrain, utilizing your map-reading skills and intuition.

Five Days, Five Races: Engage in a series of thrilling orienteering races. Each race offers its own unique set of challenges, testing your agility, decision-making, and endurance. From dense forests to open meadows, every day brings a new adventure.

Variety of Courses: Whether you’re a seasoned orienteer or a beginner, there’s a course tailored to your skill level. Choose from different categories, including sprint, middle, and long distances, ensuring an inclusive experience for participants of all ages and abilities.

Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in Finnish culture and hospitality during the event. Experience traditional Finnish cuisine, engage with friendly locals, and explore the unique charm of the host towns and surrounding areas.

Social Events and Activities: The Fin5 Orienteering Week goes beyond the races. Join fellow participants for social gatherings, evening events, and post-race celebrations. Share stories, make new friends, and celebrate your achievements together.

Spectacular Scenery: As you navigate your way through the courses, marvel at Finland’s natural beauty. From serene lakes reflecting the sky to towering pine trees, each race promises breathtaking views that will leave you in awe.

Family-Friendly Fun: The Fin5 Orienteering Week welcomes participants of all ages, making it a perfect family adventure. Engage your loved ones in a shared experience, creating lasting memories in the midst of Finland’s enchanting landscapes.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the WOC 2025 and Fin5 Orienteering Week, where nature and sport come together in a harmonious union. Lace up your shoes, grab your compass, and get ready to conquer the wilds of Finland like never before. 

Please check the official Fin5 Orienteering Week website for the most up-to-date information regarding dates, registration, and event details.

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