Excitement in Kuopio – Kasper and Olli

World-ranking orienteers Olli Ojanaho WR6. and Kasper Fosser WR1. are taking part in an exciting orienteering WRE event and Viestiliiga relay in Kuopio 26.-27.8.2023. Organized by WOC2025, this competition tests athletes’ map-reading and terrain skills in the North Savonia terrain. Will it be Olli Ojanaho “Terrain Train”, who knows the Finnish terrain inside out, or the Norwegian “Viking of the Woods”, Kasper Fosser? 

Orienteering in the Kuopio area presents athletes with various challenges, preparing them for the upcoming WOC2025. This year’s event includes a WRE middle distance competition and relay races. Who will emerge as the leader? Can Kasper adapt to the terrain here in Kuopio? Who will have the last laugh? We will find out next weekend here in Kuopio. Stay tuned for updates and results. www.woc2025.fi.

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