Map maker group for WOC 2025 chosen

The map maker group for the 2025 WOC has been chosen. The map making will also include other high-level competitions preceding the WOC.

After a call for bids, the companies O-Mapper and Zoneatlas Oy were chosen for the map making. The decision was based not only on the  price but also on professional map making skills and previous experience of map making and large-scale orienteering events. It was essential that the map maker have more than one person available for the work and that the candidate be able to present a high-level competition map for orienteering. Accuracy (GPS) in maps was stressed in order to offer high-quality TV-productions and viewer experiences as well as easily updatable maps.

The map making for the Kuopio 2025 WOC will be conducted by the following persons well recognized in orienteering circles: Janne Weckman, Timo Joensuu, Jarkko Liuha and Jarmo Puttonen.

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