TV group and course setters gathered in Nilsiä over the weekend.

Last weekend, the TV group and the course setters for the World Cup (September 26-29, 2024) came together for a joint planning event in Lastulahti, Nilsiä. The goal was to carefully plan the activities related to the competition, the audience routes, and the locations of various services.

The competition center takes shape

At the World Cup finals, three different types of races will be held (long distance, middle distance, and relay), each with its unique characteristics and requirements for course setting and TV production. On Friday, the TV group conducted preliminary terrain surveys, and on Saturday morning, the planning team focused on designing the competition center to ensure a functional and enjoyable experience for both competitors and the audience.

TV checkpoint locations determined

Another crucial part of the weekend’s planning work was the selection of TV control point locations. The TV group is responsible for producing the television broadcasts of the competition, so the locations of these checkpoints are of particular importance. Together with the course setters, they chose the best locations to capture not only visual material but also provide comprehensive commentary on the competition events. The goal is to plan the activities in a way that turns the athlete’s performance into a story, from the start to the finish, including warm-ups, interviews, and award ceremonies.

Orienteering as an engaging TV sport

The joint planning during the weekend showed the significant effort being put into the event. Thanks to competent TV production and commentary, as well as the advancement of GPS technology, orienteering has become an attractive, modern, and dynamic sport for the audience. The execution of the World Cup final will be broadcast in September 2024.

Picture Kaisu Kolehmainen

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