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The competition centers for the Kuopio World Orienteering Championships have been announced. The middle distance qualification for the World Championships will take place amid the magnificent scenery of the Tahko Ski Resort. The middle and long distance finals will be held in Neulaniemi, Kuopio. The WOC2025 relay will be hosted at the Puijo ski jumping stadium, Kuopio.

The schedule for the orienteering week, held in conjunction with the World Championships, is designed to allow participants to experience the championship atmosphere without neglecting their own orienteering week and to spend time with their families. The first three orienteering events of the week will occur in Nilsiä and Tahko, followed by competitions in Neulaniemi and Puijo, right near the center of Kuopio. The Tahko holiday village will serve as the event center throughout the World Championships week. There, you’ll find the best provisions for holidaying and experience the unique orienteering atmosphere of the “Olympic Village Tahko.”

You can find updated training and competition restriction areas at the following link.

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