Northern part of Puijo as an embargoed area

The northern part of Puijo, the so-called Puijonsarvi area is an embargoed area in addition to the previously banned southern part of Puijo. It is possible to ski on the Puijonsarvi trail in the new area during wintertime
Exception to the Ban for Athletes Aiming for the World Championships
A World Championship test event will be held in the Puijonsarvi area on June 7, 2025, and athletes registered for this event are allowed to participate. After the test event, athletes selected for the national teams will be permitted to train in the area. Athletes who are not selected for the national teams will remain under the Fin5 training and competition ban until July 12, 2025.
Therefore, athletes from different countries training for the World Championships, who do not plan to participate in the June 7, 2025 test event, are allowed to train in the area.
National federations of different countries can either allow or prohibit their potential World Championship athletes from training in the area. The training ban also applies to individuals who are closely associated with those participating in the selection process.

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