One Year Until the World Orienteering Championships

In one year, one of the biggest and most anticipated events in orienteering will commence. The 2025 World Championships will be held in Finland, bringing together the world’s best orienteers to compete in terrains that offer challenges and stunning landscapes.

The event organizers have been working diligently to ensure everything is ready when the competitions begin. Event director Jari Kymäläinen says preparations are well underway: “We have been working closely with local authorities and volunteers. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience for both competitors and spectators.”

The 2025 World Championships will be held in Northern Savonia, known for its diverse terrains and beautiful nature. The audience can expect plenty of thrilling moments as the world’s top athletes vie for prestigious titles. The World Orienteering Championships are not just a sporting event; they also bring significant visibility and economic benefits to the host region. Local entrepreneurs and service providers are eagerly anticipating the opportunities the event will bring. The World Championships are also a unique opportunity to showcase the versatility of orienteering and attract new enthusiasts to the sport. The Finnish Orienteering Federation has organized various events and initiatives throughout the year to spark interest in the sport and encourage young people to get involved.

This year, the Sprint Orienteering Championships will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland, after which the top orienteers will begin their intensive preparations for the upcoming competitions. Next year’s Orienteering Championships are an event not to be missed. In a year’s time, we will see which orienteering stars rise to victory and how the Finnish terrain challenges them on their journey to championship titles. Expectations are high among both competitors and spectators. Thus begins the exciting countdown to the 2025 World Orienteering Championships!

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