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Press release: Partners Announcement for the 2025 Orienteering World Championships (WOC2025)

Tahko.com as an official partner for the World Orienteering Championships

Kuopion Suunnistajat is proud to announce that Tahko.com has signed a partnership agreement, making it the official partner for the World Orienteering Championships 2025 held in Kuopio. This partnership covers two major orienteering events taking place in Kuopio and the nearby terrains of Tahko.

The partnership agreement includes the following events:

  • World Cup on September 26-29, 2024
  • Orienteering WOC week on July 12-17, 2025

Kuopio and Tahko.com are ready to welcome the orienteering community and provide a magnificent stage for the 2025 World Orienteering Championships. The foundation of partnership is a shared operating environment, well-being of individuals, and taking care of it. Through

TAHKOcom has served in Tahko for over 35 years. For individual travellers Tahko.com has over 700 destinations and other services directly from online www.tahko.com 

“For groups and companies we arrange group trips, meetings, parties and corporate events tailored for your needs. Contact and book all the services – accommodation, activities, restaurants and transportation – all from the same place.” says Tahko.com CEO Isa-Maria Tervonen

Kuopion Suunnistajat has previously successfully collaborated with Tahko.com and is convinced that this World Championship partnership ensures the best possible way to serve the orienteering community in terms of accommodation.

For more information, please contact:

Kuopion Suunnistajat 


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