Route-Map-To-WOC2025 – Pre-WOC and Viestiliiga relay

Ojanaho and Niittynen as the winners of the Pre-WOC (WRE) middle distance in the terrain of Rytökylä  Olli Ojanaho won by one and a half minutes in the men’s Pre-WOC (WRE) middle distance competition in the challenging terrain of Rytökylä on Saturday. In the men’s competition, Norwegian Kasper Harlem Fosser took the second place and…

Changes for WRE Bulletin 2 to make it easier for the athletes

We decided to make it easier for you all participating WRE-competition 26.8. Quarantine opens at 10:00. Due to the number of entries, the quarantine area will be closed later.All participants in the M21EA/EB and W21E categories must be present at the quarantine area by 11:45. Earlier it was 10:50. Orienteers who have late start times don’t…

Excitement in Kuopio – Kasper and Olli

World-ranking orienteers Olli Ojanaho WR6. and Kasper Fosser WR1. are taking part in an exciting orienteering WRE event and Viestiliiga relay in Kuopio 26.-27.8.2023. Organized by WOC2025, this competition tests athletes’ map-reading and terrain skills in the North Savonia terrain. Will it be Olli Ojanaho “Terrain Train”, who knows the Finnish terrain inside out, or…

Bulletin 2 for Pre-WOC released

Bulletin 2 for the Pre-WOC (WRE) middle distance event on August 26th, 2023, has been released. It is a comprehensive guide for participants and teams, containing essential details to help orienteers prepare for the event. In the same document, you can find essential information about the Viestiliiga relay on the Sunday following the WRE competition….

Press Release: Partners Announcement for the 2025 Orienteering World Championships (WOC2025)

Grano Ltd. named the official partner for marketing, advertising, and visibility products of the 2025 World Orienteering Championships in Kuopio, Finland. Grano Ltd. has become the official partner for marketing, advertising, and visibility products for the 2025 Orienteering World Championships hosted in Finland, including map printing and other printed materials. Grano Ltd. has signed a…