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Press Release: Partners Announcement for the 2025 Orienteering World Championships (WOC2025)

Pohjola Insurance Becomes a Partner for the 2025 World Orienteering Championships

Pohjola Insurance has entered into a partnership agreement with Kuopion Suunnistajat (orienteering club) and the Finnish Orienteering Federation for the 2025 World Orienteering Championships (WOC2025) held in Kuopio. Pohjola Insurance is the official insurer and partner for the orienteering World Championships (WOC2025).

The established partnership for the World Championships extends beyond the 2025 event and includes a series of three different events: the KuOpio23 World Orienteering Championships Pre-Race held at the end of August 2023, the 2024 World Cup, and the culmination of the World Championships week in July 2025. All orienteering events will take place in the vicinity of Kuopio and Tahko (WOC2025).

The partnership for the 2025 World Championships and the other associated events continues Pohjola Insurance’s longstanding orienteering collaboration, which has already lasted for over 20 years.

“We are truly delighted as the organizers of the World Championships to have a longstanding and reliable insurance partner in orienteering for our home event,” commented Timo Suhonen, responsible for the marketing of the World Championships on behalf of Kuopion Suunnistajat.

Orienteering is one of our longest-standing and most well-known sports partnerships,” affirmed Pohjola’s Sports Manager Ari Koski. In the past year, our staff has shown an increasing interest in orienteering, and we participated with multiple teams in the Jukola relay. This could be seen as a starting point for building enthusiasm for the upcoming home World Championships. We will certainly develop new ideas to encourage more people to get involved in orienteering, whether participating at their own level or following world-class events.

Furthermore, it is excellent to see that the event organizers are setting examples in various ways in terms of responsibility, both in words and actions. We want to contribute to the achievement of these ambitious goals on our part,” Koski assured.

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