Violation of WOC2025 embargo area

It was brought to the attention of the WOC2025 organisers that violation of WOC2025 embargoed area happened during the open training camp 22nd-25th of August held in Kuopio. 

The relevant rules concerning embargoed areas are:

14.3 The competition terrain must be embargoed as soon as it is decided. If that is not possible, then arrangements for access to the terrain must be published as soon as possible.

14.4 Permission for access into embargoed terrain must be requested from the organiser if needed.

26.5 Any attempt to survey or train in the competition terrain is forbidden, unless explicitly permitted by the organiser. Attempts to gain any information related to the courses, beyond that provided by the organiser, is forbidden before and during the competition.

26.6 The organiser must bar from the competition any competitor who is so well acquainted with the terrain or the map, that the competitor would have a substantial advantage over other competitors. Such cases must be discussed and decided after consultation with the IOF Event Adviser.

Organisers were able to verify the violation. The violation didn’t happen during the training camp trainings, but in a private exercise. Based on the rules, the organisers decided to ban the participation of the athlete in concern from the possible competition that may take place in the terrain where the violation happened. The athlete in question, the National Federation and the IOF has been informed about the decision. 

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