Pre-WOC (WRE) Middle distance 26.8.2023 and Viestiliiga (relay) 27.8.2023

Jukola 2014. Has it been such a long time since? Now it is possible to think back on your enchanting, fabulous experiences and maybe fix those mistakes you made. 

Jukola 2014

WRE-competition and Viestiliiga are like the early Jukola morning in Savo area. Cool and full of dreams of the best performances. The description of the terrain hasn’t changed much.

The competition terrain is located in Rytökylä, Vehmersalmi, some 50 km from the centre of Kuopio.  The village of Rytökylä is in Soisalo, the largest island in Finland.

The terrain consists of four distinct areas of hills and a narrow stretch of water. The Finnish word “vuori” at the end of local names like Huuhanvuori and Nousuvuori means a rather high hill. The total climb on the courses is higher than in the Venla relay 2014. The terrain in general offers easy running, but the courses may be strenuous due to soft ground in places. The terrain can be slippery under a moss cover. There are also a couple of minor roads in the terrain. In the terrain, there are traces of logging carried out at various points of time, for example, tracks of logging harvesters. 

Only in Savo can you find the model terrain for WOC2025.


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